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A work permit is a permit required by a foreigner who is in the Republic of Turkey and wants to work. It is obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. It provides both work and residence permits to the person.

If a foreign person does not have a work permit, it is not possible to work in Turkey and there are some sanctions. Making an individual application in order to obtain this permission may lead to legal errors or incorrect or incomplete delivery of some documents.

Thus, a negative response may come while waiting for approval for the application. If you want to prevent this, help should be sought from lawyers who are experts in their field. Thus, positive results can be seen by managing the work permit process professionally.

How to Get a Work Permit?

In order for foreigners to work in Turkey, they must first obtain permission from the relevant institution. In this regard, when you come to Turkey, it can be taken in the country or abroad without coming.

If it is to be taken from within the country, it is carried out by the employer to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. It can also be done via e-government. If it is to be taken from abroad, it can be done by the employer with the reference number provided when applying for a work visa by going to the Consulate or Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.

After the work permit application is made, it is finalized within 30 days at the latest.

Obtaining a Work Permit from Abroad

If people are going to choose abroad to apply for a work permit, they must first go to the Turkish representation in their country and apply for a work visa. Then, the employer in Turkey or the attorney given power of attorney makes an application for permission online with the reference number for the person within 10 working days.

After that, all requested documents are delivered to the bank in person or by mail within 6 working days. After that, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey examines the submitted information and documents. If there is a deficiency, it is requested to be completed. If necessary, the opinion of different authorities is taken. Thus, the result of acceptance or rejection is obtained.

What are the Requirements for Work Permit?

Work permit conditions should also be known to foreigners. In this regard, the paid-in capital of the workplace is at least 100,000 TL. The gross sales amount should be 800,000 TL or the company’s export amount for the previous year should be 250,000 US dollars.

Workers, on the other hand, must work at the workplace where they want to work, at least five of which are citizens of the Republic of Turkey. If the foreign worker is a company partner, a minimum of 5 citizens of the Republic of Turkey must have worked in the workplace in the last 6 months of the work permit.

What are the Documents Required for a Work Permit?

There are a number of documents when applying for a work permit. These may differ at home and abroad. The documents that the foreign worker must submit are basically as follows:

  1. Reference letter, if available
  2. Diploma copy
  3. passport copy
  4. Copy of residence permit
  5. Employment contract between employer and employee

Apart from this, the documents to be submitted by the employer are as follows;

  1. Application for work permit
  2. Power of attorney of the applicant, certified by a notary public
  3. Operating certificate
  4. Turkish Trade Registry newspaper
  5. Example of balance sheet for the previous year
  6. Work permit form

If applying from abroad, foreign workers must add 1 photo as e to the above. Likewise, the employer must provide a copy of the foreign worker’s diploma and passport. Incomplete or inaccurate documents may result in a prolonged or negative result.

For this reason, it is recommended to use professional legal services during the application process. In this way, the work permit application process can be carried out correctly from the first step to the last step. Applications can be made in a short time by completing the documents completely.

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