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How to remove the deport decision? Deportation penalty is given as a result of foreigners not fulfilling their legal obligations within the borders of the Republic of Turkey or not complying with the prohibitions stipulated by the legal regulations.

Deportation or deportation decision is made in Article 53 of Law No. 6458. It can be taken by the order of the General Directorate of Migration Management or by the governorships. Within the framework of the same law, it has been determined that a ban may be placed on entry to Turkey for a maximum of 5 years.

Deportation decision may differ for each person. However, it is often observed that foreigners do not pay the fine for the period of visa violation when leaving Turkey. Apart from this, it can also be given in case the foreigner commits a false marriage, commits prostitution or is involved in a different crime.

For Whom Can Deport Decision Be Taken?

Deportation decision can be taken for different people. Some of these can be given as below:

  1. Persons sentenced to imprisonment for the crime committed and deemed appropriate to be deported by the administration
  2. Those who are members, sympathizers or administrators of a terrorist organization
  3. Those who use fake documents or give false information while entering Turkey, visa or residence permits
  4. Those who make a living illegally in the Republic of Turkey
  5. Persons whose residence permit has been revoked
  6. Those found to be working without a work permit
  7. Those who enter or leave the Republic of Turkey illegally
  8. Those who enter the country while there is an entry ban on them

In addition, those whose international protection status has been denied, whose protection status has expired and whose protection status has been revoked are also included. However, a decision may not be made for those who are subject to the provisions of an invitation to leave. In this case, the initiative is in the hands of the administration.

How to Remove Deport Decision?

Foreigners with a deport decision may wonder what can be done to remove it. One way to do this is with a legitimate visa.

If a deportation decision has been taken, the person cannot enter the Republic of Turkey before the time expires. But there are also some exceptions. One of the methods to revoke the decision is a legitimate visa. A foreigner who is banned from entering the Republic of Turkey can obtain one of the legitimate visa types such as visa, work or education visa, treatment visa due to marriage.

When applying for these visas, supporting documents must be attached. However, if the deport decision has been taken due to terrorism or crimes against the state, it is not possible to enter with a legitimate visa.

Cancellation Action

Annulment action is also one of the methods for removing the deport decision. Deportation decision is an administrative action. Since the actions and transactions of the administration are subject to judicial review, judicial action can be taken. After the deport decision is notified to the person, a lawsuit can be filed by going to the administrative court within 15 days. The 15-day period in question is derogatory.

If litigation is to be pursued, it must be done quickly. Because there are a number of processes such as correspondence with the Provincial Immigration Administration, collecting some documents according to the event, researching the necessary decision, writing a petition and filing a lawsuit.

With professional attorney services, this process can be carried out carefully and meticulously in a short time. The court authorized and authorized to revoke the deport decision is the administrative court. The competent court, on the other hand, is the court in the place of the administration that made the decision, which is in the nature of an administrative act.

Therefore, the application should be filed in the existing administrative court where the administration that implements the transaction is located.

How Are Deportation Procedures Performed?

After the deport decision is taken, the procedures differ depending on whether the person is caught in the law enforcement authorities or applied voluntarily to leave the country.

If a deportation decision has been taken about you and you want to remove it, it is recommended to use legal services in the meantime. This process must be carefully managed. Expert lawyers can take more correct steps by informing you about this issue.

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