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What is the definition of labor law? Labor law is the branch of law that is created by legal obligation, which generally provides the bond between the employee and the employer and examines their relations with the state within the framework of legal rules with the aim of regulating their relations with the state. It is also known as labor law.

Labor law does not only regulate the relations between the parties to a service contract. It also addresses the relationship of each party to the organizations of which it may be a member. Therefore, there are two different types of labor law: individual and collective labor law.

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Which Lawsuits Fall Within the Scope of Labor Law?

What is labor law has a broad scope. In this respect, labor and employee receivables cases also fall within this subject. This includes cases such as;

  1. Severance Pay Case
  2. Notice Compensation Case
  3. Compensation Case Due to Mobbing
  4. Reinstatement Case
  5. Bad Faith Compensation Case
  6. Case for Remuneration for the Balance of Time
  7. Unequal Treatment Compensation Case
  8. Idle Time Compensation Case
  9. Non-employment Compensation Case
  10. Trade Union Compensation Case
  11. Wage Claim
  12. Overtime Wage Lawsuit
  13. Annual Leave Pay Case
  14. Travel and Meal Fees Case
  15. Premium Fee Case
  16. National Holiday and General Holiday (NBGT) Wage Case
  17. Marriage Compensation Case
  18. Military Service Compensation Case
  19. Retirement Compensation Case
  20. New Job Search Leave Case

What is labor law Labor Law also has Labor Law Detection Cases. In this context, Service Determination Lawsuit, Determination of Prime Earnings Lawsuit and other determination lawsuits are included. Likewise, there are a number of cases arising from Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases. These can be examined in the following items;

  1. Disability Rate Determination Case
  2. Objection to the Disability Rate Determined by the Institution
  3. Deprivation of Support Case Due to Fatal Work Accident
  4. Recourse Cases Due to Work Accidents
  5. Material Compensation Case Due to Work Accident
  6. Determination of Permanent Incapacity for Work
  7. Compensation Case Due to Work Accident

Labor law is divided into two classes: individual and collective labor law. This is also the case in the scope of Labor Law.

What are the Branches of Labor Law?

Labor Law is divided into two different classes and both are fundamentally different. Individual Labor Law covers small businesses. With the fee set under the contract,

  1. Working conditions,
  2. Prim,
  3. Bonus
  4. Social rights,
  5. Job separation,
  6. Issues such as compensation constitute the field of study.

Collective Labor Law includes the legal relations between the union representing the workers and the employer in large enterprises. In this respect, what is labor law differs according to branches. If collective, it includes issues such as forming a union and becoming a member.

What Services Are Provided Under Labor Law?

Labor Law represents individual and corporate clients in resolving all disputes arising from labor law within the scope of the legislation. In this context, services such as the following are provided from the employee and employer service relationship;

  1. Resolution of disputes arising in any audit framework
  2. Follow-up of damages incurred after accidents at work within the framework of occupational health and safety
  3. Continuation of negotiations on behalf of the employee or employer during periods such as strikes and lockouts
  4. Realization of all kinds of appeals regarding fines imposed against the employer
  5. Monitoring compensation such as notice pay, severance pay, overtime pay, general holiday and annual paid leave due to unfair dismissal
  6. In case of unfair termination of the employment contract, filing and pursuing a reinstatement case
  7. Resolving disputes between employers and employees arising from contractual and legal obligations
  8. Creation of an employment contract within the framework of the relationship between employer and employee

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What are the Characteristics of Labor Law?

In Labor Law, the primary rule of protecting the rights of the employee is that the wage of the employee employed by the employer should not be neglected in order to get the result of his labor. What are the features of Labor Law is quite wide apart from this.

In this context, the decision-maker should be able to provide interpretation in favor of the employee in case of disagreement or hesitation in any situation. Priority is given to the person of the worker and the contract continues under an agreement based on the mutual obligations of the employer and the worker.

Labor Law generally includes criteria related to private law. In addition, there are also labor claims cases. For the collection of this amount, it is mandatory to conduct mediation proceedings without resorting to litigation.

In this context, a compromise should be sought. However, if this does not yield positive results, litigation can be initiated. In general, the proceedings can be conducted by considering the witnesses present at the workplace or the records of the workplace.

What are the Basic Principles of Labor Law?

What are the basic concepts of Labor Law is quite broad. Labor Law has emerged to protect the rights of the worker. It also includes goals such as social justice and social benefit. These are grouped under several headings, including the protection of the worker, interpretation in favor of the worker, and the definition of the personality of the worker.

In addition, in the Labor Law No. 4857 no. 2. The article mentions subjects such as employee, employer, workplace, employment relationship, employer’s representative, principal employer-subcontractor relationship. By visiting Aslan Demir Law Office, you can get more information about labor law and ensure that your case is followed in the most favorable conditions by giving power of attorney.

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