CitizenshipImmigration And Citizenship Law

Immigration and citizenship law provides the service of acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate for people who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Without being limited to this,

  1. Management of cases regarding the annulment of potential objections,
  2. Obtaining residence and work permits of international managers of companies,
  3. Legal services regarding the implementation of the legislation related to the Turkish citizenship law numbered 5901, foreigners and international protection law numbered 6458,
  4. recognition and enforcement,
  5. Residence permit, residence permit extension application for foreigners who want to live in Turkey, follow-up and conclusion of this,

Such services are provided. All these services are carried out in a way that provides solutions to the needs of individuals. Relevant legal advice is provided from beginning to end.

Obtaining a Residence Permit

There are certain types of residence permits according to the requirement to be in Turkey. Foreign nationals who are exempt from a residence permit must obtain a residence permit to meet the requirements of foreign nationals to be in the country during periods that do not include visa periods.

Immigration and citizenship law includes this issue as well. Although applications can be made through e-residence, these processes must be managed correctly. Making an erroneous action may result in rejection responses.

This is why it is important to benefit from professional legal services. After the application is made, it is announced up to 90 days at the latest.

Obtaining Citizenship

There are different ways for foreign citizens who want to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Among them, the most suitable ones for the people should be applied.

One of them is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship as an immigrant. According to the Settlement Law No. 5543, the citizenship file of individuals who are accepted as immigrants after their procedures are completed is arranged by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Then it is sent to the relevant ministry.

After that, the file of the individual who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship is examined and a proposal is made to the Council of Ministers to acquire Turkish citizenship. It can then be won by the decision of the Board.

Obtaining Citizenship by Marriage

Citizenship of the Republic of Turkey is also included in the immigration and citizenship law. If you want to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, you can learn the necessary information more clearly with attorney services and get consultancy services.

There are different ways to become a citizen. One of them is marriage. However, marrying a Turkish citizen does not directly grant citizenship. Persons must have been married to a Turkish citizen for a minimum of 3 years. In this case, it becomes possible to apply.

If the marriage has ended due to the death of the Turkish citizen spouse after the application date, the condition of living in family unity is not sought. Except this,

  1. Living in family unity,
  2. Not to engage in any activity incompatible with the union of marriage,
  3. Not being in a state to pose an obstacle in terms of national security and public order

There are such conditions.

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Citizenship by Investment

There are different methods of obtaining citizenship. Citizenship by investment is one of them. For this, one of the different situations must be realized;

  1. To buy real estate with an amount of 400 thousand US dollars or more and to make an annotation that it will not be sold for 3 years from the land registry. A different foreign currency or TL is also valid in exchange for 400 thousand US dollars.
  2. Making a capital investment of 500 thousand US dollars or more. It is also valid in foreign currency or TL equivalent to 500 thousand US dollars.
  3. Making a preliminary sales contract for a minimum 400 thousand USD condominium or construction servitude established

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Apart from these, there is also the possibility of citizenship by investment for those who create employment for a minimum of 50 people. The most appropriate method of obtaining citizenship for individuals within the scope of immigration and citizenship law is also examined.

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