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Rejection of a work permit application may occur for different reasons. Work permit refusal and objection, the authority to evaluate the work permit applications of foreign individuals is in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. It is done according to the principles and procedures in the International Labor Law No. 6735.

Applications examined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, General Directorate of International Labor Force are concluded as acceptance or rejection. The results of the application are sent to the employer by e-mail.

Foreign applications can be sent to the foreign representative office where the foreigner has applied, by online notification. If you want to apply for a work permit, it is therefore advisable to seek professional legal services. Thus, the application process can be completed without any problems.

Why is the Work Permit Denied?

Before applying for a job, most people think they will be accepted. However, it is also possible to receive rejection responses due to different reasons. It is possible to make mistakes, especially in individual applications. This can lead to negative feedback.

Apart from this, there are also different rejection responses. Reasons for refusal of work permit, International Labor Law No. 6735 9. It is regulated in the article. If there is one of these, the Ministry may receive a refusal response. These are basically as follows;

  1. Applications outside the international labor policy
  2. Applications obtained by forging the information and documents provided
  3. Applicant employer’s reason for employing foreigners is deemed insufficient
  4. Applying to professions that are prohibited to foreigners
  5. Applications of foreigners who do not have the qualifications and expertise specified in the application
  6. Failure to meet the criteria determined by the MoLSS
  7. 7 of the Law on Foreigners numbered 6458. Foreigners who are not allowed to enter Turkey within the framework of Article 15. Foreigners who will not be granted a visa within the scope of Article 54. Foreigners for whom a deportation decision has been made pursuant to Article
  8. Foreigners posing a threat to public health, order and security
  9. Applications of citizens of countries that Turkey does not recognize. However, the situation that has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may create an exception.
  10. Applications that are not completed within the legal period granted to the applicant by the Ministry

If you want to apply successfully, professional consultancy services should be sought.

What Occupations Are Forbidden To Foreigners?

Among the reasons for refusal of work permits are occupations that are prohibited to foreigners. These are outlined as follows;

  1. Advocacy: It is forbidden for foreign individuals to practice law in the Republic of Turkey. In order to be a lawyer within the scope of article 3/a of the relevant law, one must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  2. Notary Public: Notary Law 7. Within the scope of the article, there is a requirement for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in order to be able to do notary public internship.
  3. Dentistry: With the subsequent regulation, medicine and nursing were removed from the profession, which is forbidden to foreigners. However, since the working style of dentists is regulated by the Law on the Practice of Medicine and Medical Arts, it is prohibited for those who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey.
  4. Veterinary Medicine: In the Law on the Establishment of the Veterinary Medical Association and its Chambers and their Jobs, there is a citizenship requirement in order to be able to practice the veterinary profession in Turkey.
  5. Responsible Manager in Private Hospitals: Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey is among the conditions required by the responsible manager in the Private Hospitals Law and is therefore prohibited for foreigners.

There are other professions as well. For this reason, people should learn whether it is prohibited for them before applying for a work permit. Professional legal services can advise you on this issue by providing information. It can also help you apply smoothly and completely.

What Can Be Done If Work Permit Is Denied?

Although it is often thought that a positive response will be received after the work permit application, rejection responses may also come. What to do in case of refusal to apply for a work permit may also raise a question mark in people’s minds.

After examining the application, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey notifies the applicant of the decision taken. If a negative response is received, the foreigner or the employer is notified of the rejection of the work permit or extension application.

The objection against the decision can be made within 30 days after the notification of the rejection decision to the relevant person.

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