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In Turkey, there is an option to purchase real estate as a way of investment for citizenship. According to this option, until last year, a foreigner could apply for Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey worth at least $250,000. However, as of 2022, this amount was changed to 400,000 dollars with a regulation.

In applying for Turkish citizenship through this investment, the purchase of a real estate worth 400 thousand dollars will be sufficient.

Furthermore, in applying for Turkish citizenship through the purchase of immovable property, the immovable property must not be built on any state-owned land in Turkey, including state-owned land. In addition, all documents and papers required for the purchase of the immovable property must be submitted.

In this article, we will discuss topics such as How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship with Real Estate Purchase, What are the Conditions for Citizenship for 400 Thousand Dollars, and What to Consider About Citizenship for 400 Thousand Dollars. We recommend you to read the rest of the article for this information.


How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House for 400 Thousand Dollars?


First, acquire Turkish citizenship by buying real estate for $400,000;

  1. Foreigners’ chances of acquiring Turkish citizenship should be evaluated. Check whether the general requirements are met.
  2. If it is possible for foreigners to obtain citizenship more easily, this should be pursued. It is also possible to spend 400,000 dollars to buy a house for naturalization if there is no simpler and faster way.
  3. First, buy real estate and attach the necessary notes to the title deed. Real estate must be compatible with citizenship.
  4. Then prepare the necessary documents. We detail the required documents below.
  5. Apply for a short-term residence permit at the Provincial Migration Management. Then, an application is made to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship with the petition required for citizenship application.
  6. During this process, the status of the application is queried and completed if requested documents or any other data are missing. Finally, the applicant or his/her representative will be notified of the outcome of the application.


What are the Conditions for Turkish Citizenship for 400 Thousand Dollars?


This legislation includes a citizenship requirement of USD 400,000. We can list these conditions as follows:

  • Foreigners are not objectionable in terms of national security and public order,
  • Purchased real estate worth at least USD 400,000,
  • Immovables with a value of at least USD 400,000 are not sold for 3 years in the title deed record

There are three conditions. Of course, the real estate that foreigners can buy must also have some features. In other words, in order for foreigners to be able to buy real estate in Turkey, conditions must be met in general.


400 Thousand Dollars for Turkish Citizenship


  • The foreigner should know that he/she cannot sell the real estate within 3 years.
  • In doing so, it should avoid actions and statements contrary to Turkish citizenship.
  • The process of obtaining citizenship by buying real estate is a very important opportunity as it also covers spouses and children. The process must be followed meticulously to ensure that this opportunity is not wasted.
  • USD 400,000 worth of real estate is purchased and interviews are conducted with those who wish to become Turkish citizens and their families. In this oral interview, the suitability of the person for Turkish citizenship is discussed.
  • When buying $400,000 worth of real estate, there are a few details to consider. Care should be taken as this is a serious scam. Not every property is eligible for naturalization, even if it is worth more than $400,000. According to the guide, which is updated and published annually by the Ministry, real estate in some provinces and districts is not suitable. Because only 10% of the site surface area is occupied.


Frequently Asked Questions About This Topic


Above, we mentioned the legal regulations and practicalities of buying a house for $400,000 for naturalization. We found it useful to answer some common questions about this.


  • How Long Does It Take to Buy Real Estate to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate takes approximately 9 months. The process of buying real estate and making comments takes 1-2 months, followed by an application and an evaluation process of 8-9 months.


  • What is the Naturalization Cost of Buying Real Estate?

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate is not a single process. It consists of several stages. There are various fees and costs involved in this process. You should consult a lawyer to understand the amounts of these updated 2023 cost items. Because it can change according to specific events.


  • Does Citizenship Cover Spouse and Children?

Foreigners gain citizenship by buying real estate for $400,000, which is distributed to spouses and children. In other words, both the spouse and minor children of the foreigner acquire Turkish citizenship in this way.


  • What should I do if my application for naturalization to buy real estate is rejected?

If the application for naturalization is rejected due to the purchase of real estate, an annulment action can be filed. Since the rejection of the naturalization application is an administrative act, a lawsuit can be filed for the annulment of the administrative act before the Administrative Court within 60 days.

  • How Much Are Lawyer Fees During This Process?

In the process of buying a house for naturalization for USD 400,000, attorney’s fees vary depending on the scope of the application. Foreigner’s family, residence permits, real estate values, legal status of the foreigner, etc. whether or not it will be processed. Lawyers’ fees will vary due to the many factors that influence the difficulty and complexity of the process. It may be useful to consult a lawyer at this point.

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