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A citizenship attorney is a lawyer appointed to provide assistance and advice on civil rights and law matters. Citizenship lawyers provide support in areas such as making citizenship applications, tracking citizenship procedures, protecting and defending citizenship rights.

As Aslandemir Law Firm, which provides services in the field of Ankara citizenship lawyer, we provide solutions to the citizenship procedures of foreigners or to legal problems that arise during the proceedings.

How Long Do Citizenship Law Cases Take?

How long do citizenship law cases take? The question is of interest. Various factors such as the nature of the concrete event, the nature of the case and the scope of the file affect the duration of the case in cases arising with the citizenship law.

The duration of citizenship law cases can vary depending on many factors. Among these, there may be factors such as the complexity of the case, the number and quality of documents related to the case, the frequency of presence of the plaintiff and the defendant, the processing time of the cases by the judicial organs.

In general, citizenship law cases can last from a few months to several years. However, it is difficult to give an estimated time for a case, as each case is unique.

The duration of the cases in the field of citizenship law also varies depending on the intensity of the relevant institution or courts.

With the full and complete submission of the petitions, the proceedings take less time if there is no disruption in the proceedings.

What are the Lawsuits in the Field of Citizenship Law?

Lawsuits carried out in the field of citizenship law generally consist of complaints about violations of citizenship rights and obligations.

The cases carried out in the field of citizenship law can be listed as follows;

  • Equivalency Certificate cases,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship through adoption,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship on the basis of lineage,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship through marriage,
  • Exceptional cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship,
  • Cases regarding TRNC citizens to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship according to general provisions,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship by the right of choice,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship by Foreign Investors,
  • Cases regarding the acquisition of citizenship again,
  • Citizenship litigation.

Cases heard in all these areas are included in the citizenship lawyer service area. Although the courts where the cases are heard vary, the basis of these cases is the citizenship law.

Which Court Hears Citizenship Cases?

Which court hears citizenship cases? This question is also frequently explored in this area. The cases that arise within the scope of the problems seen within the scope of citizenship law occur on a wide scale. For this reason, the courts within the scope of the cases included in the citizenship law vary.

The courts dealing with citizenship cases are as follows;

  • Appeal Authority / Council of State
  • Enforcement in Family Court / Family Court-Civil Court of First Instance,
  • Action for Annulment against the Decision of the Administration / Administrative Courts
  • Recognition and Enforcement / Civil Court of First Instance
  • Citizenship Application / Ministry of Interior and Administrative Court
  • Court of Appeal / District Administrative Court

Ankara Citizenship Lawyer Fee

Attorney attorney fees vary according to the cases. Ankara citizenship attorney fee varies every year according to the attorney fees determined by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

Lawyers determine the price according to the cases based on the Minimum Attorneyship Fee Tariff determined by the Bar Association.

It is not possible to determine an attorney’s fee under this determined fee. For this reason, lawyers make determinations based on this minimum wage in cases to be heard within the scope of citizenship law.

As Aslandemir Law Firm, the fees for the cases considered within the scope of the legal services we provide in the field of citizenship attorney also vary. For this reason, you can contact our law office to get detailed information about the Ankara citizenship attorney fee.

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