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Trabzon foreigners law lawyer helps foreigners to be aware of all their rights in Turkey and to protect these rights as a foreigner. Trabzon foreigners law lawyer brings up the legal rights of foreigners to live and sustain their lives in Turkey. Although it may seem legally more difficult for foreigners to live in a country other than their own, they will see that everything is very easy when they cooperate with a Trabzon foreigners law lawyer who is an expert in his field.

The world is becoming more and more global thanks to the advancement of technology and other factors. This situation may make it necessary for people to live outside their own country for various reasons. In this globalizing world, it is impossible to remain stable and not develop in the field of foreigners law. As a lawyer working in the field of foreigners law in Trabzon, we follow all current laws regarding foreign citizens and try to ensure that they are comfortable under legal security in Turkey.

What is Foreigners Law?

Foreigners law is a branch of law that regulates the rights and obligations of foreign individuals within the borders of a country. This branch of law provides guidance on immigrants’ visa procedures, residence and work permits, citizenship applications, deportation situations and many more.

Trabzon Foreigners Law Lawyer Services

As a foreigners law lawyer in Trabzon, we provide professional services for foreign nationals to complete their legal processes in Turkey in the most accurate and rapid way. These offered services include:

  1. Visa and Residence Permit Procedures: They help foreign nationals complete the necessary visa and residence permit procedures so that they can stay in Turkey legally.
  2. Work permit: They make the necessary applications and follow the process so that foreigners who want to work in Turkey can obtain the necessary permits..
  3. Citizenship Applications: They guide foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship and manage the application processes.
  4. Deportation Situations: Sınır dışı edilme tehlikesiyle karşı karşıya olan yabancılara hukuki destek sağlar ve haklarını savunurlar.
  5. Family union: They provide the necessary legal consultancy services for applications made within the scope of family reunification.

If all these procedures are rejected, the Trabzon foreigners law lawyer may obtain reinstatement of residence or citizenship by filing an annulment case to the relevant governorship.

Trabzon foreigners law lawyer provides assistance and consultancy in case of marriage of foreigners, obtaining the necessary documents from consulates, issuance of temporary passports for newborn children, opening accounts in banks, notary public etc. for all kinds of real estate to be purchased from Turkey. It also offers the necessary up-to-date legal solutions and guarantees in official transactions such as.

Aynı zamanda Trabzon yabancılar hukuku avukatı olarak yabancıların boşanmasında , kendi ülkesinde boşandıysa tanıma tenfiz yapılmasında , yabancıların yine gözaltı ve ifade gibi durumlarında , yabancıların icra işlerinde, haklarında riskli interpol ilamı olanların bu ilamın kaldırılmasında her türlü danışmanlık ve hukuki hizmeti sunmaktayız.


How Does Trabzon Foreigners Law Lawyer Work?

Trabzon foreigners law lawyer The “Law on Private International Law and Procedural Law” no. 5718 and the “Law on Foreigners and International Protection” no. 6458 are the main legislation, the “Direct Foreign Investments Law” no. 4875, the “Law on Foreign Direct Investments” no. 492, the “Fees” no. 492 It operates in accordance with the legislation of the Law No. 5682, the Passport Law No. 5901, the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, and the International Labor Force Law No. 6735. A foreigners law lawyer has the guidance and legal knowledge to make the foreigner as comfortable as in his own country, according to the laws, regulations and even customs. In the light of this information, it provides legal services to foreigners both in courts and official institutions.


What Cases Does the Trabzon Foreigners Law Lawyer Handle?

A foreigners law lawyer files a lawsuit in the competent courts for foreigners who have suffered any rights violations in accordance with the legislation listed above. The cases that the foreigners’ lawyer will handle vary depending on the violation of rights experienced by the foreigner. For example, the competent court for a foreigner whose residence has been rejected in the province of Trabzon is the Trabzon administrative courts. The foreigners’ lawyer files the case for annulment of residence refusal against Trabzon Governorship (Immigration Administration) in Trabzon administrative courts.


What is the Fee of a Trabzon Foreigners Law Lawyer?

The fee of a foreigners lawyer is determined every year according to the tariff determined by the Ministry of Justice.


In which cities does the Foreigners Law Lawyer provide services?

Foreign lawyers provide services in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Trabzon, where foreigners live densely.

Documents You Should Have with You When Consulting a Lawyer

If you are going to consult a lawyer on a matter related to foreigners law, it will be useful to have the following documents with you:

  • your passport
  • Your visa (if applicable)
  • Your residence permit (if available)
  • Your work permit (if available)
  • Other documents you received from the immigration administration
  • Your marriage certificate (for family reunification)
  • Your birth certificate (for your children)
  • Your criminal record
  • Other related documents






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