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The subject of “Istanbul Maritime Law” refers to a broad and complex field covering legal issues, practices and legislation specific to maritime trade. Since Istanbul is one of the important trade and logistics centers of Turkey and the world, it has many specificities regarding maritime law. In this article, we will discuss the basic aspects of maritime law in Istanbul, important legislation and the role of maritime lawyers.

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime law is a special branch of law that covers all commercial transactions related to maritime transportation, maritime and maritime trade. Topics organized in this branch include:

  • Registration and ownership of ships
  • Ship mortgages and maritime claims
  • Sea transport contracts
  • marine insurance
  • port operations
  • Maritime accidents and rescue
  • sea ​​pollution

Fundamentals of Maritime Law

Maritime law is the branch of law that regulates all aspects of ships, cargo, maritime activities and maritime trade. International norms and local legislation regulate transactions, disputes and procedures related to maritime trade. This branch of law covers issues such as ship buying and selling, rental agreements (charters), maritime accidents, marine insurance and cargo transportation.

Maritime Law in Istanbul

Istanbul has a strategic position in maritime trade as it has coasts to both the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Control of the straits increases the importance of Istanbul on both historical and current maritime trade. Companies based in Istanbul are the main actors in Turkey’s maritime trade, and therefore Istanbul is one of the cities where maritime law is intensively seen in practice.

Legislation in Maritime Law

The main legal text regulating maritime law in Turkey is the relevant articles of the “Turkish Commercial Code”. This law regulates important issues regarding maritime trade such as ship registry procedures, maritime mortgages, maritime accidents, marine insurance and maritime transportation. In addition, since Turkey is a party to international agreements and conventions, these documents shape the maritime law in Turkey.

Merchant Marine Lawyer

Maritime lawyers are lawyers who specialize in legal transactions, disputes and consultancy services related to maritime trade. These lawyers serve their clients on matters such as maritime accidents, insurance claims, contract disputes and ship purchase-sale transactions. Istanbul is an important center for maritime lawyers because the city is in a location where maritime trade is intense and therefore legal needs related to maritime trade arise frequently.

Istanbul’s strategic location in maritime trade has made the city an important center for legal transactions and consultancy in this field. Maritime law consists of complex legal mechanisms that regulate maritime trade at both national and international levels. Maritime lawyers in Istanbul have a critical role in guiding companies and individuals on issues requiring expertise in this field. The dynamic nature of this branch of law requires constantly updated information and expertise, which further increases the importance of maritime lawyers.

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