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Turkish citizenship is the possession of a passport, the official identity document of the Republic of Turkey, and the opportunities offered by the Republic of Turkey. Having a residence permit or Turkish citizenship makes it easier to live in Turkey. There is more than one way to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of them is Turkish Citizenship by residence. Residence in Turkish means to sit in a place with the will and intention of settling down. Turkish Citizenship by Residence is basically a condition of continuous residence in Turkey for a period of time; this is the basic condition.


Citizenship, also known as citizenship, is first regulated in the Constitution. According to Article 66 of the fourth part of the Constitution, citizenship is acquired only in the presence of the conditions stipulated by law.

Constitution Article 66 Turkish Citizenship

Article 66-

Everyone who is bound to the Turkish State by the bonds of citizenship is a Turk.

The child of a Turkish father or a Turkish mother is Turkish.

Citizenship shall be acquired under the conditions laid down by law and shall be lost only in the cases specified in the law.

No Turk shall be deprived of citizenship unless he has committed an act incompatible with loyalty to the homeland.

The judicial remedy shall not be closed against decisions and procedures related to deprivation of citizenship.

According to the 5901 Turkish Citizenship Law, services related to the acquisition or loss of Turkish citizenship are carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Turkey and by foreign representations abroad.

5901 Conditions for acquiring citizenship through residence according to the Turkish Citizenship Law and the article of law :

Requirements for application:

Article 11 -(1) Foreigners who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship

  1. a) Being an adult and having the power of discernment according to his/her national law, or if he/she is stateless, according to Turkish law,

b) To reside in Turkey for 5 years without interruption from the date of application,

c) To confirm with his/her behavior that he/she has decided to settle in Turkey,

ç) Not having a disease that poses a danger to general health,

  1. d) Having good morals
  2. e) To be able to speak Turkish sufficiently,

f) To have an income or occupation in Turkey that will ensure the livelihood of himself/herself and his/her dependents,

g) Not having a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order

11 of the 5901 Turkish citizenship law The requirements for a residence permit, also known as a residence permit, are as stated above. If any of these conditions are missing, the application is rejected. Sometimes, even if all the conditions are met, the administration may reject the application. The legal process must be carried out correctly in order to identify and present the conditions correctly.

Turkish Citizenship by Residence Application Process

Foreigners who wish to become Turkish citizens must apply to the governor’s office of their place of residence in Turkey and to foreign representative offices abroad.

Turkish Citizenship by Residence Application Documents

Foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens afterwards and with the decision of the competent authority are required to submit 12 documents. Again documents according to the regulation implementing the article of the law:

  1. a) Application form / petition stating the request

b) Passport or similar document showing which state the person is a citizen of

  1. c) A document such as a birth certificate or civil registry copy showing the identity information of the person and, if married, a civil registry copy or similar document proving the family ties of the spouse and children,
  2. d) If there are first or second degree relatives who are Turkish citizens, a copy of the population record taken from the system by the application authorities for these persons

e) A health report, the procedures and principles of which are determined by the Ministry of Health, stating that the person does not have a disease that would pose a danger to general health

  1. f) A work permit, tax certificate, letter of undertaking or similar document proving the income or occupation that he/she and his/her dependents in Turkey provide for his/her livelihood

g) A document from the provincial police directorate showing the dates of entry and exit from the country showing that he has been residing in Turkey for five years without interruption from the date of application

ğ) A residence permit for a period of time sufficient to finalize the citizenship procedures prospectively from the date of application

  1. h) If there is a finalized court decision for any crime, a certified copy

ı) If the month and day of the date of birth of the person is not available, a document obtained from the competent authorities of the country to complete the date of birth, if the document cannot be obtained, the 39th amendment of the Population Services Law. Signed declaration that he/she accepts to be processed in accordance with the Article

i) Receipt showing that the service fee has been deposited in the cashier’s office

Foreigners who wish to become Turkish citizens through residence may apply in person or with a special power of attorney for the exercise of this right, together with the documents listed above.


The evaluation process takes place in different stages: investigation, review/investigation and decision.

The Ministry of Interior shall notify the foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship and their authorities of this decision.

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