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A divorce lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in divorce law and represents individuals in the divorce process. In addition to the divorce process, the divorce lawyer is also an expert in child custody, property division, alimony and other family law issues. Since divorce can be an emotionally and financially challenging process, it is generally recommended that individuals seek professional legal assistance.

What are the Reasons for Divorce?


Grounds for divorce can be based on both legal and personal grounds. In legal terms, certain grounds for divorce must be shown in court. Personal reasons can arise from individual problems between spouses. Here is a general summary of the grounds for divorce:

  1. Legal grounds
  • Infidelity: When one of the spouses has a sexual relationship outside the marriage.
  • Abuse and Violence: Physical or emotional violence by one partner against the other.
  • Mental Illness: When one of the spouses suffers from mental illness and this makes it impossible to maintain the marriage.
  • Shaking of the Marriage Union: The marriage union between the spouses is shaken from its foundations and the continuation of this union becomes impossible.


  1. Personal Reasons
  • Lack of Communication: Lack of healthy communication between spouses.
  • Economic Problems: Financial difficulties, debts or unmet economic expectations.
  • Infidelity and Insecurity: When one partner cheats on the other or has insecurity problems.
  • Different Life Expectations: Spouses have different expectations and goals in life.
  • Sexual Disharmony: Dissatisfaction or disharmony between spouses regarding sexual life.
  • Disagreements about Children: Different views on having children, raising children or education.
  • Personality Conflicts: Fundamental differences between spouses’ personalities, values or beliefs.
  • Family and mother-in-law/father-in-law problems: Constant disagreements between the families of the spouses or between the spouses and their in-laws.
  • Career and Occupational Stress: Work-related stress negatively affects marriage.

This list is not exhaustive of all reasons for the dissolution of marriages. Every marriage has unique dynamics and circumstances. But the above reasons are some of the common factors behind many divorces.


How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer?


Divorce can be a complex and challenging process, both emotionally and legally. Therefore, choosing the right divorce lawyer can help the process conclude faster, less stressful and fairer. Here are some suggestions to consider when choosing a divorce lawyer:

  1. Specialization Area

Try to choose a lawyer who specializes in divorce and family law. You will need a lawyer who is experienced in this area rather than a lawyer in general practice.

  1. Recommendations and References

Ask for advice from people you know, especially those who have been through divorce before. At the same time, you can get references from the lawyer’s previous clients.

  1. Communication Skills

Your lawyer should have good communication skills. They should explain the process to you clearly and answer your questions.

  1. Compatibility

It is important that your lawyer gets on well with you and respects your values. At the first meeting, assess whether there is a good rapport between you and your lawyer.

  1. Cost

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the lawyer’s fees, extra costs and payment plans. Price should not be the only determinant in your choice, but it is important to choose a lawyer that fits your budget.

  1. Experience

It is advantageous for the lawyer to be familiar with the court system. Knowing the habits of judges and other lawyers can be a strategic advantage.

  1. Reputation

Find out about the lawyer’s professional reputation. If possible, look for reviews by other lawyers or legal organizations.

  1. Accessibility

Have clear expectations about the response time and accessibility of your lawyer.

  1. Review and Research

Check the lawyer’s reviews and evaluations on the internet. But don’t take every comment literally, look to get a general idea.

  1. Comparison

Talk to several lawyers and consider different options. This can give you a better perspective on choosing what suits you best.


Finally, you need to have full confidence in your lawyer during the divorce process. After the first meeting, trust your instincts and decide to work with the lawyer you think is best for you. At this point, we serve you with our team consisting of many lawyers specialized in the field of divorce. All you need to do is contact us and trust our lawyers.

What is an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer?


An uncontested divorce lawyer is a lawyer who provides services in the type of divorce where the parties reach an agreement during the divorce process and compromise on all issues (alimony, property division, custody, etc.) before applying to the court. In an uncontested divorce, there is a process in which the parties agree to divorce and accept the legal consequences of this decision.

The duties of an uncontested divorce lawyer include the following:

  • They inform their clients about the divorce process, their rights and obligations.
  • It drafts an agreement on the issues agreed between the parties. This may include issues such as custody of children, maintenance, division of property, etc.
  • Prepares the necessary documents and petitions for divorce.
  • Represent the parties in court. However, the process is usually faster and less complicated in uncontested divorces.
  • It carries out the official procedures required after divorce, for example registration procedures.

The uncontested divorce lawyer helps the parties to complete the divorce process quickly and easily. However, it is important to make sure that the parties have indeed agreed to an uncontested divorce and that they fully agree to the consequences of this decision. It is always beneficial to seek professional legal assistance during the divorce process, especially in long-term marriages or when issues such as property division, alimony and custody are at stake.


What is a Contested Divorce Lawyer?


A contested divorce lawyer is a lawyer who provides services in the type of divorce where the parties cannot agree on one or more issues during the divorce process, therefore they apply to the court and ask for the divorce process to be finalized by the judge’s decision. Contested divorce is a type of divorce preferred in cases where the parties cannot agree on issues such as the reasons for divorce, property division, alimony, child custody.

Anlaşmalı boşanma, tarafların boşanma sebepleri, mal paylaşımı, nafaka, çocuk velayeti gibi konularda anlaşamadıkları durumlarda tercih edilen bir boşanma türüdür.

  • She informs her client about the divorce process, rights, obligations and possible consequences.
  • Collects evidence that may be favorable to the client, identifies witnesses and makes the necessary preparations.
  • Prepares the divorce petition containing the client’s requests and clearly stating the grounds for divorce.
  • Represent the parties in court, present evidence, hear witnesses and defend the client’s rights.
  • In the process, it can identify the points where the parties can reach an agreement and seek solutions in this direction.
  • Follows the implementation of the court decision; ensures the execution of the decision in matters such as alimony, property division, custody.

Contested divorce is more complex, lengthy and costly than uncontested divorce. Therefore, it is very important to work with an experienced and specialized lawyer in this type of divorce process. The lawyer’s ability to protect his or her client’s rights and achieve the best outcome can have a major impact on the outcome of the process. You can contact us to work with a specialized lawyer.


How to File for Divorce in Turkey?


We can summarize the process of filing for divorce from a general perspective with the following steps:

  1. Decision Phase

Before deciding to divorce, it is recommended that spouses try various ways to save their marriage. Spouses can assess their relationship through services such as marriage counseling.

  1. Lawyer Selection

It is important to seek professional legal assistance during the divorce process, especially where financial and custody issues are involved. Therefore, in order to choose a divorce lawyer, research should be done and interviews with a lawyer should be held according to the recommendations.

  1. Divorce Petition

With the help of your lawyer, you should prepare a divorce petition and submit it to the relevant court. This petition should include the reasons for divorce, claims and other relevant information.

  1. Submission of the Petition

The petition is submitted to the court or relevant judicial authority.

  1. Notification

After the petition is submitted, the other party (spouse) is notified. This means that the spouse has been informed about the divorce proceedings.

  1. Hearing

If the parties cannot agree, a hearing is held in court. At the hearing, both sides present their evidence, witnesses are heard and lawyers put forward their arguments.

  1. Decision

The court will make a decision after considering all the information and evidence. This decision determines whether the divorce will take place or not, and what kind of arrangements will be made on issues such as division of property, alimony, custody, etc.

  1. Registration of Decision

The court decision is recorded in the relevant official records.

This process may vary depending on the legislation and the details of the case. Therefore, it is very important to consult a lawyer familiar with local laws and procedures before filing for divorce.


How Much Are Divorce Lawyer Fees in Turkey?


It is not possible to give general information about divorce lawyer fees, you can call us for a clear fee information. However, divorce lawyer fees may vary depending on the following factors:

  1. Lawyer’s Experience

An experienced and specialized lawyer may charge more than a less experienced lawyer.

  1. Type of Case

Uncontested divorce cases can often be more affordable than contested divorce cases.

  1. Complexity of the Case

Fees may increase if issues such as property division, custody and alimony are involved in the case.

  1. Duration of Litigation

The longer the case takes, the more time and effort the lawyer spends, which can lead to higher fees.

For the most up-to-date and specific information, it is best to contact our law firm.

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