CitizenshipResidence Permit Application Rejection and Consequences

Rejection of a residence permit application may occur due to different reasons. Procedural errors in the application process, lack of right to obtain a residence permit are some of them. For this reason, foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence permit should manage the process correctly in order to obtain positive results.

However, lack of knowledge of legal issues can lead to many problems during this process. Therefore, if you want to obtain a residence permit, it is recommended to seek support from professional lawyers.

Because if the application has been made but the application has been negative, there is no opportunity to reside in the Republic of Turkey. In such cases, an appeal can be made against the refusal decision. In order for this to be accepted, it is recommended to use the legal services again. Thus, the process can be managed better in case of rejection of the residence permit application.

Why Is Residence Permit Denied?

Residence permit application may be rejected for different reasons. Procedural errors or failure to meet the relevant conditions according to the type of residence permit are some of them. In addition, there are reasons such as;

  1. Not meeting the conditions for the type of residence permit applied for at the time of application
  2. Deportation decision has been made about the applicant
  3. The applicant’s ban on entry to the Republic of Turkey
  4. Carrying a disease that endanger the public health of the applicant
  5. Failure of the foreigner to submit the address information to stay in the Republic of Turkey, despite obtaining a residence permit.
  6. Applying for a residence permit after violating a visa
  7. Applicant applying for a residence permit type that is not suitable for her
  8. Applying for a residence permit after the visa exemption period has expired

All of these are among the reasons for denial of residence permit. Negative responses may also come for different reasons.

Therefore, foreign nationals should act carefully when applying for a residence permit at the very beginning. Taking advantage of attorney services helps you to apply for the most suitable type of residence for you, and to apply correctly by completing all the relevant documents. In this way, the probability of getting a positive response is also increased.

What Can Be Done If Residence Permit Has Been Denied?

Residence permit application is a must for foreign nationals who want to reside in the Republic of Turkey. For this, it is necessary to apply by collecting all relevant documents. However, this process is very delicate and detailed. In particular, making an individual application may cause a negative response.

If an application has been made but a rejection response has been received, a 90-day review period is foreseen for the applicant’s 90-day review of the application. The said period starts with the submission of all the documents that the foreigner has to submit.

As a result of the evaluation to be carried out in the residence permit application, the authority comes to a decision. If positive, it can be taken for whatever permit has been applied for. However, this does not always mean that positive results will be obtained.

Residence permit refusal may be experienced for the reasons given above or for a different reason. In this case, a lawsuit is filed in the Ankara Administrative Court, in the existing administrative court within the framework of the jurisdiction of the relevant governorship, if it is taken from the governors.

The case in question is about the annulment of the administrative act. If a decision is made to cancel the administrative act, the rejection decision of the administration will be cancelled. If the residence permit application is rejected, the applicant must exit the Republic of Turkey within 10 days following the expiry of the visa or visa exemption.

If there is no visa or visa exemption, he must leave the country within 10 days of notification. The objection made by the foreign national for the residence permit refusal will not prevent the 10-day period from running. If the country is not left within the time limit, a deportation decision is made. There are also administrative fines.

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