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Compensation law is a branch of law that is applied to compensate the material and moral damages suffered by a person as a result of tort, breach of contract or other unlawful acts. In a large and dynamic city like Istanbul, compensation lawsuits are among the most common legal processes. In this article, the role of a compensation lawyer in Istanbul, their areas of specialization and the services they provide will be discussed in detail.

Compensation Law and its Scope

Financial compensation

Monetary compensation is a type of compensation requested to compensate for economic losses suffered by a person. Material damages resulting from traffic accidents, occupational accidents, torts or breaches of contract are covered by this compensation. Istanbul compensation lawyers work in detail to ensure that their clients are fully compensated for the financial losses they have suffered.


Moral damages are claimed to compensate for the emotional and psychological harm suffered by a person. In particular, psychological distress suffered by victims as a result of gross violations and wrongful acts may be the subject of claims for moral damages. Istanbul compensation lawyers also take the necessary legal steps to compensate their clients for their moral damages.

Areas of Specialization of Istanbul Compensation Lawyers

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are among the most common compensation cases in Istanbul. Defending the rights of victims for physical and material damages resulting from accidents, lawyers negotiate with insurance companies and carry out the necessary legal processes.

Work Accidents

Occupational accidents are lawsuits filed for the compensation of material and moral damages caused by accidents that employees are exposed to at work. Work accident lawyers in Istanbul specialize in protecting the rights of workers and maximizing compensation claims.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits are brought to recover damages suffered by patients as a result of the errors of healthcare providers. Compensation lawyers in Istanbul who specialize in this field have a deep knowledge of health law and medical processes and defend their clients’ rights.

Wrongful Acts

Torts are situations in which one person unlawfully harms another person. This includes physical attacks, insults and other unlawful acts. Istanbul compensation lawyers provide legal support for the compensation of damages suffered by tort victims.

Services Provided by Istanbul Compensation Lawyers

Legal Consulting

Compensation lawyers in Istanbul provide legal advice to their clients, ensuring that they protect their rights in the best way possible. This counseling continues at every stage of the litigation process, from its inception to its conclusion.

Litigation Process Management

Compensation cases are often complex and lengthy processes. Istanbul compensation lawyers manage the litigation process on behalf of their clients, collecting the necessary documents and presenting evidence.

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

A significant proportion of compensation cases are resolved through negotiations with insurance companies. Compensation lawyers in Istanbul defend the rights of their clients in negotiations with insurance companies in the best possible way and strive to obtain the highest amount of compensation.

Which Court to File Compensation Lawsuits

Istanbul Compensation lawyer follows the material and moral compensation lawsuits by filing them in the place of residence of the defendant, which is the competent place for all cases, and if the defendant is a legal person, in the civil courts of first instance in the place where the headquarters of the legal person is located.

Compensation lawyers in Istanbul provide legal support for the compensation of material and moral damages suffered by their clients by operating in various fields of specialization. Specializing in a wide range of matters such as traffic accidents, occupational accidents, medical malpractice and torts, lawyers provide their clients with services such as legal consultancy, litigation management and negotiation with insurance companies. If you would like support from a lawyer specialized in compensation law in Istanbul, we will be happy to assist you.

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