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The right to citizenship is an important goal for many people and it is vital to proceed with the right methods. When applying for citizenship in Turkey, the complexity of the process and legal requirements should be taken into account. Fortunately, a professional citizenship attorney can offer their expertise to streamline the process and ensure successful completion of the application.

How to Have a Successful Citizenship Process with a Citizenship Lawyer?

The citizenship process consists of many stages and each stage is important. The following steps and topics will inform you more as the citizenship attorney guides you with her experience and knowledge.

1. Why Do You Need a Citizenship Lawyer?

Citizenship applications can be complex, and it is necessary to master the issues such as preparing legal documents, following the application process and fulfilling the requirements. Here are some reasons why it is important to work with a citizenship attorney:

Don’t Rely on the Expertise of the Lawyer

Citizenship lawyers specialize in Turkey’s citizenship laws and procedures. Therefore, they have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you and support you at every step of your application.

Accurate and Complete Preparation of Documents

There are a number of documents you must submit to apply for citizenship. A citizenship attorney will assist in the preparation of documents accurately and completely, which increases the likelihood of your application being successful.

Monitoring and Accelerating the Process

The application process consists of many stages and it is necessary to be careful at every stage. A citizenship attorney will help monitor the process and ensure that the right steps are taken at every step. Thus, it is possible for your application to progress and result faster.

2. Advantages of Working with an Istanbul Citizenship Lawyer

For those who want to apply for citizenship in Istanbul, there are many advantages to working with Istanbul citizenship lawyers. Let’s take a look at how Esra Aslan Law Firm can help you as a citizenship lawyer in Istanbul.

Local Knowledge and Experience

Istanbul citizenship lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in Turkey’s citizenship laws and local procedures. This ensures that your application is prepared and submitted in accordance with local requirements.

Personal Guidance

Every citizenship application is unique and it is important to consider personal requirements. Istanbul citizenship lawyer provides personalized guidance on your application and offers you the best strategy.

Overcoming Language Barriers

It can be difficult to apply for citizenship for a person who does not speak Turkish. Istanbul citizenship lawyer helps you overcome language barriers and ensures that your application is prepared correctly.

3. About Esra Aslan Law Firm

Esra Aslan Law Firm is a leading law firm operating in Istanbul. As a citizenship lawyer, our area of expertise is to provide professional guidance and legal support to our clients in their citizenship applications in Turkey.

Experienced and Talented Lawyers

The lawyers at Esra Aslan Law Firm are experienced and skilled in citizenship law. They are up-to-date on Turkey’s citizenship laws and procedures and have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure a successful citizenship process for our clients.

Individual Customer Approach

Every client is important to us and we treat every application in a unique way. We offer you a tailored approach and guide you to ensure your application progresses optimally.

Fast and Effective Service

As Esra Aslan Law Office, we follow your applications quickly and effectively. We help you at every stage of the process, prepare your documents when necessary and speed up the conclusion of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of working with a lawyer to apply for citizenship?
  2. The citizenship lawyer guides you with her experience and expertise, ensures the correct preparation of the documents and follows the process.
  3. What are the benefits of working with a citizenship lawyer in Istanbul?
  4. Istanbul citizenship lawyer offers local knowledge and experience, provides personalized guidance and helps you overcome language barriers.
  5. What is Esra Aslan Law Firm’s area of expertise?
  6. Esra Aslan Law Firm specializes in citizenship applications in Turkey and provides professional guidance and legal support to clients.
  7. What documents should I prepare for citizenship application?
  8. Your citizenship attorney will assist you with the necessary documents, but usually documents such as identity papers, passport, proof of residence and marital status are required.
  9. How long does the citizenship application process take?
  10. The application process varies depending on the complexity of the application and the workload of the authorities. Your citizenship attorney can give you more information about the process.
  11. What should I do if my citizenship application is rejected?
  12. Your citizenship attorney can provide you with legal options in case of rejection and guide the appeal process if necessary.


The citizenship application process is a complex process that requires the right steps to be taken. Working with a citizenship attorney is important to ensure the successful completion of your application and to access legal support. As Esra Aslan Law Firm in Istanbul, we are here to provide you with professional guidance during the citizenship process and to help your application get a positive result.

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