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What is Foreigners Law Online Consultancy?

Foreigners law online consultancy stands for providing guidance on solving all kinds of legal problems related to foreigners living in Turkey.

If we list the services to be discussed in foreigners law online consultancy;

  • Foreigners law online consultancy living in Turkey residence permit for foreigners It informs you which administrative centers should be applied for and follow-up. Legal online consultancy for foreigners provides information about the legal remedies to be applied, necessary objections and lawsuits to be filed in case the residence permit is rejected by the administrative authorities.
  • Foreigners law online consultancy guides foreigners living in Turkey in following the work permit application process. Foreigners law online consultancy guides foreigners living in Turkey in following the work permit application process.
  • Foreigners law online consultancy provides information about the documents required for long-term residence and short-term residence, the appointment to be made, and the application process.
  • Foreigners law online consultancy for foreigners who have resided in Turkey for 8 years
    It informs you about the applications and procedures required for indefinite residence application.
  • Foreigners law online consultancy provides the necessary information about the applications to be made to the civil registry offices for citizenship by foreigners who have gained the right to citizenship exceptionally or through residence, the necessary documents and the entire process.
  • Foreigners law online consultancy about deported foreigners, entry ban in Turkey
    It informs how to remove it.
  • Foreigners law online consultancy Deportation decision made by the Immigrant Smuggling CenterTo Removal Center It describes the cases for annulment of the deportation decision that must be filed against the foreigner and the objections that must be made against the criminal courts of peace of the foreigners against whom the surveillance decision has been taken.

About foreigners law online consultancy interpol search It explains what the foreigner must do and the application process to the relevant institutions in France.

Foreigners Law in Turkey

Türkiye is a country that attracts many foreigners with its strategic location and historical heritage. This attraction includes both tourist and business visitors. Foreigners law in Turkey is a set of laws that regulate the entry, residence and work rights of various foreign nationals, including international students, work permit seekers, investors and immigrants. This article will discuss the basic aspects and practices of foreigners law in Turkey.

1. Entry of Foreigners to Turkey

Entry conditions to Turkey vary depending on the nationality of foreigners and the purpose of the visit. Citizens of many countries can enter Turkey without a visa for touristic or short-term business trips. However, long-term stays, especially those for work or study purposes, require obtaining relevant visas and residence permits.

2. Residence Permits

There are various residence permits for foreigners who want to reside in Turkey for a long time. These include options such as short-term residence permit, family residence permit, student permit, long-term residence permit and humanitarian residence permit. Residence permit applications are made to the General Directorate of Migration Management along with documents appropriate to the person’s situation.

3. Work Permits

Foreigners must obtain a work permit to work in Turkey. Work permits are issued for foreigners hired by an employer in Turkey upon the application made by the employer. An independent work permit is also available for foreign investors who meet certain conditions.

4. Real Estate Acquisition and Investment Opportunities

Türkiye has a very liberal policy regarding property acquisition by foreigners. Foreigners can buy real estate in Turkey, subject to some restrictions. There is also an investor citizenship program that grants Turkish citizenship to foreigners who invest a certain amount.

5. Judiciary and Legal Support

Foreigners in Turkey have equal rights in legal processes. Foreign nationals can file lawsuits in Turkish courts and become parties to the lawsuits. In addition, services are provided by various non-governmental organizations and law firms for legal aid and support.

Foreigners law in Turkey is constantly being developed in line with international norms and Turkey’s own legal framework. The rights of foreigners coming to the country are protected in a way that reflects Turkey’s hospitality and open society approach. It is important for every foreign individual to understand their legal rights and obligations in Turkey for both personal and social harmony.

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